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Oh! The Joy of Gifting!

The mystery, her excitement, the reveal...and her look of delight.

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Life is a Gift. Unbox It Every Day

WickedYo is all about #sliceofjoy

Life is our greatest gift and we ought to celebrate it every day. 

WickedYo is about the brief moments of joy that punctuate our lives. Those moments when we reach out and touch those who are dear to us.

We want to bring a #sliceofjoy into people’s lives during those moments. We want you to not just hand over a gift, but #giftjoy making it personal, thoughtful & memorable.

We want smiles & laughter when you get or gift our products. Happiness and Joy from that “WOW or Wicked Yo!” reaction.

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Home Decor Gifts

Gifts for Zodiac Lovers- Activewear, Decor, Shoes, Bags.

Zodiac Gifts

Gifts $50 to $100: WickedYo Fashion Sneakers

Gifts 50$ to 100$


Birthday Gifts

Personalized Love Heart Silver Pendant with Chain. Pet Dog Name Engraved. WickedYo

Jewelry Gifts


Curtains Drapes

Wicked Savings

10 to 40% Savings + FREE Shipping*.

More Gifts for the Buck

More Value-for-Money

Chance to Stretch-your-Dollar get the picture.

Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine Dressing

Mood Magic

Seductive Light & Design

If she loves her home, her gift is here.

Step In

Bless With Beauty

The Joy of a new Home

House warming gifts to make the moment special


We Get You- Your Search for that Perfect Gift!

Some wicked looking art for her home? 

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Talk to us. That's a #sliceofjoy moment for us at #wkdyo