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From really early on, I enjoyed picking out surprising new gifts for my friends, my parents & sisters, my wife-to-be.....my son.
Even in choosing the right b'day card, I was someone who loved making the card myself. I really believed that it made it special and meaningful to the person. The surprise and joy it creates .... that feeling makes it worth the effort. 

 Just the other day, my wife & I met with an ex-colleague, after a decade maybe. Catching up & going back in time, she fondly recalled the b'day card that I had done for her, when we worked together, at my first job [My wife had some probing questions about it later:)]. Imagine that! They say "People always remember how you made them feel". It's been many many moons since that birthday card but.... the feeling stayed. 

Searching for the right gift, making it unique or making the experience unique and memorable, for those close to us, is really special. I am sure you agree that "making the person you love feel special" is great joy to us and to those we love. 

Today, more than ever before, someone sitting in Zurich can buy an authentic, Cleopatra style bracelet made by an Egyptian born Australian, based in Brisbane. If you hunt for it long enough!


There is such a wealth of creative, one-of-a-kind, stunning products that can be just right for the mood, the moment, the person. For every zodiac, every interest or passion, every occasion, every special day in her life. We need a "go to" place for such gifts. Which is why, WickedYo. We would like to create that moment of joy, for all those who would like to reach out & touch. #sliceofjoy

Our intent is to curate, source from Makers from Prague to Pasadena,  from Anchorage to Adelaide, for you to gift and bring joy to those who you love and care for. And not just that- WickedYo will design and create one-of-a-kind, custom-made contemporary products that will be individual, personal and memorable and available only here, on WickedYo.

Every day of every year we are going to add new products from new creators, new Makers. And newer creations from the WickedYo range as well.

So, stay with us during this journey. And if something catches your eye in our collections from around the world, do instagram it, pin it, tweet it. TikTok and YouTube it. And, if you also gift it to yourself or to your loved one, that would be wicked, yo!

Love & loads of #sliceofjoy,


WickedYo-bring-#sliceofjoy-to-children wickedyo story 

#givingback #giftingsmiles

And because WickedYo is all about #giftingjoy, the brand will commit  to bringing joy to children & women who need it most, in some of the poorest communities in the world.

WickedYo’s humble attempt at bringing-in some semblance of joy for those who need it most, will be governed by three principles:

a/ Focus on programs that help communities in Africa and India

b/ Children and women will be the beneficiaries

c/ Food and Education will be our way to bring-in some smiles.

There can be no smiles when a child is starving, so Food is critical to happiness. Hence, contributing to Food Programs for children will be a focus.

With education comes empowerment and taking charge of your life, which can lead to lasting happiness in women’s lives. So basic learning for children and practical, vocational education of women will be the focus.

Every small step that each one of us takes towards “commerce with purpose” will help in getting our world to be a better place for more of us. The old Japanese proverb comes to mind- “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

So this effort of WickedYo will be a joint effort of WickedYo's worldwide group of Makers, our customers and WickedYo. We would like to call this #giftingsmiles Our small effort in their lives will hopefully lead to joy in their lives in the future, as they reap the benefits.

Read on, to find out how we will implement this purpose.

The Barefoot College

Barefoot College was born in rural Rajasthan in India in 1972. Today the institution's footprint extends to rural communities in different parts of the world. And their mission is education of the rural poor- women and children- through some uniquely different, innovative programs. Barefoot College will be the first recipient of WickedYo's #giftingsmiles initiative for Africa & India. Learn more on how we all can add value to their selfless service, which today, reaches close to 1500 villages in 80 countries.

The Rural Solar Engineer Mammas:

The Solar Digital Night Schools:

#sliceofjoy and WickedYo

The one exhilarating thing about the "social" world we live in is the truly joyful moments that are shared across the world today.

Like a five year old protégé playing the piano or,

a truly touching & joyful moment when someone spontaneously helps a person in need or,

a surprise birthday celebration or a surprise proposal.

These are truly #sliceofjoy, one of WickedYo's brand values.

We want to spread such moments, so if you have a moment like that to share, do hit us up on Insta and we'd love to share your post or video.

Your LOVE is the best gift

WickedYo adds a #sliceofjoy

There's nothing that matches the pure JOY that your love creates. WickedYo is thankful to you for letting us share that moment.