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Make WickedYo's #SliceOfJoy Gift Card your gift-of-choice to celebrate the Christmas Holiday Season. Ideal gift to be given by companies to their Employees/Teams/ Coworkers. Called the #SliceOfJoy Gift Card, this can be used by individuals as well, as a special gift to their friends and family. So you can give your recipient the freedom to choose whatever they like from WickedYo's store.

Love how your team has rallied to deliver on targets, on time, with minimum stress, all through this tough year?
Reward, celebrate and add a touch of festivity & color to their families, this Holiday Season. Reach Out, Touch & Bring in a 

Employers & corporates can add to the joy of the Christmas Season with a WickedYo's Christmas Gift Card for their employee families. Using the Gift Card, anyone can get christmas wear- matching pjs for the family, christmas stockings and decorations to make their 2023 festivities at home, a memorable one. A great way to recognize each one's dedication and productivity.
Check out the range of unique Family Christmas PJs, Sweaters, Tops & Dresses or the range of WickedYo Holiday Gifts to choose from


1A/ Companies/ Team Leaders planning to reward their members can purchase the cards in bulk here by adding the choice of Card/s to the cart like any other online order. Once payment is made at the checkout, you will get an email confirming the order and a separate email with the Card Codes. You can forward each Card Code to the coworker or employee you want to gift to, along with your company's email. [WickedYo will provide a custom copy of the specific gift card [50$, 100$ or 200$ with your company or team name incorporated, which the company can use while mailing the Card Code] 

1B/ Gift Cards for Individual Use can be purchased here by adding the choice of Card/s to the cart like any other online order. Once payment is made at the checkout, you will get an email confirming the order and a separate email with the Card Code. You can forward the Card Code email to any friend or family member that you want to gift to.

2/ This WickedYo Holiday Gift Card entitles the recipient to their choice of Christmas pajamas, stockings, Christmas gnomes and decorations at for the total value indicated on the card. The recipient will get a unique code which will deduct the value of the card from her total order at the checkout. If the total value of the order is more than the value of the card, only the balance needs to be paid. 

3/ Whoever gets the Gift Card can also pick any of the other WickedYo gift products for the value of the card, if  they choose to. 

4/ Gift cards are delivered by email and will contain the Unique Code to redeem them at checkout. 

5/ NO Returns or Refunds: Once a Gift Card order is completed the Unique Digital Code is automatically generated and emailed. Gift Cards CANNOT be returned or refunded. The gift cards have no additional processing fees.

6/ The recipient of the Gift Card is responsible for the safekeeping of the Unique Code. If anyone else gets access to the Unique Code they can redeem the value of a gift card by entering it at checkout.

7/ The value of the gift card can be spent over more than one order. However to get  maximum value and benefit, ideally the gift card should be used in one single purchase.

8/ Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order, which can include taxes and shipping, depending on the product and the country where the purchase is mad

#sliceofjoy and WickedYo

The one exhilarating thing about the "social" world we live in is the truly joyful moments that are shared across the world today.

Like a five year old protégé playing the piano or,

a truly touching & joyful moment when someone spontaneously helps a person in need or,

a surprise birthday celebration or a surprise proposal.

These are truly #sliceofjoy, one of WickedYo's brand values.

We want to spread such moments, so if you have a moment like that to share, do hit us up on Insta and we'd love to share your post or video.

Your LOVE is the best gift

WickedYo adds a #sliceofjoy

There's nothing that matches the pure JOY that your love creates. WickedYo is thankful to you for letting us share that moment.