#sliceofjoy and WickedYo. Wicked Ways to Gift.

Life is our greatest gift and we ought to celebrate it every day. 

WickedYo is about the brief moments of joy that punctuate our lives. Those moments when we reach out and touch those who are dear to us.

We want to bring a #sliceofjoy into people’s lives during those moments. We want you to not just hand over a gift, but #giftjoy making it personal, thoughtful & memorable.

We want smiles & laughter when you get or gift our products. Happiness and Joy from that “WOW or Wicked Yo!” reaction.

A Gift For Every Occasion, Every Mood


There is such a wealth of creative, one-of-a-kind, stunning products that can be just right for the mood, the moment, the person.

For every zodiac, every interest or passion, every occasion, every special day in her life.

We need a "go to" place for such gifts. Which is why, WickedYo.

We would like to create that moment of joy, for all those who would like to reach out & touch. #sliceofjoye

Our intent is to curate, source from Makers from Prague to Pasadena,  from Anchorage to Adelaide, for you to gift and bring joy to those who you love and care for.

And not just that- WickedYo will design and create one-of-a-kind, custom-made contemporary products that will be individual, personal and memorable and available only here, on WickedYo.

Every day of every year we are going to add new products from new creators, new Makers. And newer creations from the WickedYo range as well.

Join us on Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok, Gift Joy & let's share a #sliceofjoy

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