crop-tee-girls-white-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
crop-tee-girls-white-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
crop-tee-girls-white-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 4
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
crop-tee-girls-white-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
crop-tee-girls-plum-wine-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
crop-tee-girls-plum-wine-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
crop-tee-girls-plum-wine-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 6
crop-tee-girls-plum-wine-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 7
crop-tee-girls-army-green-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
crop-tee-girls-army-green-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
crop-tee-girls-army-green-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 4
crop-tee-girls-army-green-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
crop-tee-girls-army-green-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 6
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
yoga-crop-tee-girls-black-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
yoga-crop-tee-girls-black-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
yoga-crop-tee-girls-black-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 4
yoga-crop-tee-girls-black-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
crop-tee-girls-beige-cream-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
crop-tee-girls-beige-cream-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
crop-tee-girls-beige-cream-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 4
crop-tee-girls-beige-cream-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
crop-tee-girls-beige-cream-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 6
crop-tee-girls-gold-mustard-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
crop-tee-girls-gold-mustard-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 5
crop-tee-girls-gold-mustard-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 6
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
crop-tee-girls-teal-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 2
crop-tee-girls-teal-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 3
crop-tee-girls-teal-_girlpower-active-top-wickedyo1hashtag-art-wkdart 4
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees.  WickedYo.
#girlpower Cropped Tees WickedYo v2

Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees. WickedYo.

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Description of Girls' White Petite Crop Top. #girlpower Cropped Tees. WickedYo.

Sassy graphic tees, crop tops for women. Streetwear, gym wear tops for girls. Part of the Hashtag Art Collection from WickedYo. 

#girlpower: An artistic tribute to women of all times, an iconic way to express the thought that women have always embodied the idea of “mind over matter”.

In its modern HashtagArt avatar, it stands as the mark of a new era, the mark of the new Renaissance Woman and the fact that the future is female.  "She's got that whole purpose-driven, warrior princess, change-the-world kind of vibe" is a quote that aptly captures the essence. #girlpower HashtagArt is an emphatic expression of “whatever her world, her will & intellect will power her ahead”.

[Refer the last picture to know more about WickedYo's Hashtag Art Collection]

Are you the fashion conscious girl who will not settle for the mass, cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill mall wear?  Are you keen on picking those unique, personalized, made-to-order active wear that makes a fashion statement? A true fashion trendsetter?

Designer, one-of-a-kind athletic leisure wear, custom designed with graphics, colors and designs inspired by people like you. This one- #girlpower, the mark of a new era, the mark of the new Renaissance Woman. 

Fitness wear that's functional & fashionable. Pelaton to Zoom to Netflix- Great as smart-casual streetwear, cool as lounge wear and of course, awesome as athletic wear. And pair them up with your choice of leggings from WickedYo.

Gift, create your #sliceofjoy moment.

Gift for: Birthdays, Valentine's, Anniversary, Christmas/ Holidays, Mother’s Day, Hostess Gift or the best of all- a Selfie Gift. #giftyourself

You Order it, We Make it. For You. Every crop top is printed,, made to order at custom-crafting centers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain & Latvia, depending on WickedYo’s customer location and shipped out from each location to reach you pronto!  

Size: Refer Chart in Pictures


95% polyester, 5% elastane (fabric composition may vary by 1%) > Fabric weight: 6.19 oz/yd² (210 g/m²) > Premium knit mid-weight jersey > Material has a four-way stretch, so fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains > Regular fit

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Shipping Time frame: WickedYo’s range of Custom-Made casualwear and activewear ship directly from multiple centers across the world, depending on customer location. That means lesser freight costs and savings to you and us and a lower carbon footprint on the environment. A #teenyweenygift from you and us to Mother Earth.

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